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Meghan Elise

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I’m from Northern Ireland and went to the University of St Andrews to get an MA in English Literature, specialising in Creative Writing, Creativity in Education and Poetic Theory. Here, I met and married Joseph, who is a creative mastermind with an infinite amount of ideas up his sleeve. We work together on all of our projects and are each other’s chief cheerleaders. We moved to Lincoln to work with Alive Church and now have a beautiful baby girl called Evelyn.

I found out I could write when I was about 9. My favourite teacher left my school and I was so grieved I needed to find a way to get the feeling out. I’ve used poetry to put my feelings into words ever since. As I grew up, my relationship with Jesus got closer. I started to write poems for and about God and Christian themes and I found He met me there. I would experience His voice and presence in my own work. He would even reveal things to me about what was going on. I also wrote stories and had completed about 6 novels and hundreds of poems by the time I was 15.

I always wanted to be a writer, and felt a massive call on my life in my early teenage years that God had things he wanted me to say. He wanted me to be his scribe. I focused most of my education on learning about literature and theory. But when it came time to apply for university, I thought I’d better study something that could lead to a “real job” and chose modules in Geography, Social Anthropology and Comparative Literature for the first two years. 

I guess when I got to St Andrews, the sunrises, North Sea and cobbled streets screamed out at the poet in me, so I swapped to English Literature for my final two years. I had the opportunity to take modules taught by Don Patterson, a fantastic Scottish poet.

In the past 8 years, I’ve been working on fairytales, poetry and non-fiction projects, focusing on bringing the beauty of Heaven to Earth.

I have just published my first volume of poetry: Anthology Volume I: Unearthing. In the next few years, I hope to release a series of Children’s Fairytales, a devotional series and an autobiographical account of the premature birth of our daughter.