Meet the


John Blundell

I was born in Brighton in 1954.  I am married to Val and we have four sons / daughter in laws and six grandchildren.

Val Blundell

I was born in Crewe where all of my family were involved in the railways, in one way or another. 

Finley Blundell

Finley is the grandson of John and Val – he is 10 years old.    He enjoys painting and drawing, particularly cartoons.

Elsbeth Gardiner-Crehan

 I was wondering how God would lead me on? Very soon I found myself doing the Foundation course at Art college. 

Susie Perry

Around my 50th birthday I recognised that I had not been taught to paint, had not really had opportunity, facilitation or en couragement to express myself creatively.

Val Fane

At 12yrs old, returning by coach from a school trip to the Cotswolds, I had an encounter with God which set me off on a journey which proved to be the foundation and inspiration of my life.

Jean Gledhill

I learned the basic skills of painting with an artist called Jan Hill. At that time I worked in watercolours…

Roy Ealden

Hi Im Roy Ealden My Brand is Called Pulp-works. The name comes from the way I create my art
newspaper pulp worked into something new and thought provoking (recycling at its best!).

Ian Lacy

I grew up in Lincolnshire and returned to it 33 years ago after medical school, getting married to my wife Gerry, GP training, and then Bible College