Who we are

More About us

John and Val Blundell named their house Bara’ House when they moved to Lincolnshire, in response to God’s prompting. (The first verb in the Bible is ‘bara’ which is the Hebrew for ‘God creates’ – things only God can do.)

When the idea of this group began to take shape, it seemed appropriate that the name of the house and the group should be the same.

The first group meeting took place in 2017. There has been steady growth since with members inviting others to join. We meet to share ideas, encourage one another and to learn new skills. We circulate a newsletter approximately every two months.

There is no membership fee.

Inclusion on this web site and the Facebook page is free to all members. (The Facebook page is a closed group.)

The group is open to all who have a heart for creativity and who know and love Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

If you would like further information or to discuss potential membership then please use the contact page.